Does Your Credit Reflect You?©

The Cost and Consequences of Poor Credit

The first step in creating the credit image that truly reflects the REAL you and the life you are promised, is learning about “credit” and how a three-digit credit score can affect your life positively or negatively.

For the believers, living in debt is not what is promised to us.  We are promised “…life and have it abundantly”.† We were not promised a life of debt, brokenness or making other rich by paying high APR. We are not promised a life of fear or by letting world event define us.

†John 10:10

The Bottom Line: 

Does your Credit Reflect You?© 

Remember, do not be obsessed over your three-digit credit score or let it define you. Your credit report and score are merely a temporary snap shot and reference point in time of your financial life. Our real objective should be building on our purpose, potential, and destiny while improving our net worth.